I Ching Reading – The Book Of Changes

There are many different methods used to perform readings in the psychic realm, but there may be none older than the I Ching reading method. This is a method that comes from ancient China and is derived from the text of the Book of Changes, which is often referred to as the I Ching. It is used, not so much as a way of predicting future events, but to help in making decisions, or setting out an action plan. The results are merely suggestions of the possible outcomes from following those actions, as the ancient Chinese adhere to the belief that the present is ever changing, which in turn can change future events.

The most common tools used in I Ching readings are coins, and while there are coins available that are specifically designed for this purpose, many devotees of the I Ching reading method prefer to use 3 coins that hold some personal meaning to them. Whatever the case, it is always 3 coins that are used, and it is how they land when thrown that will determine the possible future scenarios. That may make the method sound somewhat simplistic, but in reality it is a complex system that cannot simply be mastered in a short amount of time, at least not if you want the most accurate results.

Until you become proficient in truly understanding the answers being given by the coins, you may want to pick up a book on the subject. That will help you decipher the message that is being delivered by the coins, and will give you a much better chance of deciphering the options that you are being given by the coins. The actual method itself is simple, but it’s getting to the heart of the answers that is important, and you have to fully commit yourself to the process in order to get the most out of it.

You begin by thinking of a question that you want answered, with may I Ching practitioners choosing to also write that question down on a piece of paper. Be sure that this is the question that you really want answers to, as true I Ching believers will tell you that you may not get the true answers you seek if you do not focus entirely on that question; you will receive answers, but it will be for the query that is truly dominating your thoughts.

You then roll the coins 6 times, making sure to record the heads and tails configuration of each, as those combinations are where the answers lie. It is here that the method becomes far more complex, as the results of those coin tosses are entered into a hexagram in the form of solid or broken lines, depending on the outcome of each throw. It is within that hexagram that the answers to your I Ching reading lie, and that is why the proper interpretation is so important. In order to be sure that you truly get the answers you seek, either learn the method completely, or leave it to someone who has mastered art of the I Ching.


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