Psychic mediums are those who can contact with spirits from beyond and for this they need help of particular medium. There are various offers online that provide you with free psychic medium readings.

Most of these free sessions are for limited period of time. There are different intentions behind giving free session for limited period of time.

The main thing is that when anyone opts for psychic mediums for free, he or she will definitely like to continue with the session if he is satisfied. This will help them establish their business and spread a kind of awareness too.

Psychic mediums contact spirits from beyond the world and so this session may get lost in few minutes. Some people want to get connected to someone near and dear ones whom they have lost recently while someone who is in a trauma get some relief also by doing this.

Some want to know whether their dear one who has left this world is comfortable there or not. There are many things that people look for in psychic mediums.

Some people want to contact with those spirits with whom they have some unsettled or unanswered issues.

Free psychic medium readings can give you an insight of the life after death issues and if you are eager to know about this, you can opt for psychic medium reading.

There are many people who had successful experience of going through a medium reading want more and more sessions usually.

They look for a unique message and get reassured about many things. They browse internet and go for medium readings every now and then. Some become extremely passionate about this type of reading session.

On the internet usually many medium readings are offered free as introductory offer so that people learn about the website and the authenticity of the reading session before they opt for paying for a reading session.

Psychic mediums are sometimes used by the police to help them in the investigations. There are many people who opt for psychic medium readings for different purposes and all of them give value to this type of reading in their own way.

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  1. How can you call a service free when you’re requiring people who try your free service are obligated to buy an introductory package to get said free service? The introductory price is not listed on your site. Do you feel like it kind of smacks of fraud? Finally, where the hell is Jeff?

  2. So many negative things have been going on in my life for so many years and covering every area of my life , especially my very body and my health and well being that I’ve been helpless to break the cycle.
    It seemed the more positive energy i sent forth the more negative things
    would happen to me, I even lost my Father, my little sister and last year my Mother ! in & out of Hospitals, one surgery after another, I just had surgery in October, and I still have one more check up. I have to have an aneurism removed soon too ! See where I coming from ? I’m actually
    questioning if a curse was put on me. I do’nt know what to do, among it
    all I”m also diabled, suffer from chronic pain that I’ve experienced pain I did’nt know existed. I ‘ve lost all hope in many areas. I’ve always been so Strong. What can I do ? I was hoping may be you could see ahead in my future and let me know if the forces that be will cease and desist. God Bless ~ Helen Hunt

  3. I don’t know how this works. U was just hoping to get a reading.

  4. I lost my 22 yr old daughter, Stephanie and her boyfriend on 10-10-10. A drunk driver hit them head on. I miss my baby and I need to hear from her. Please.

  5. I would like to know if I have anything significant going on in m life soon. Also are any of my family coming through to talk to me?

  6. i would like to contact with my dad and find out who i am

  7. I lost my twin soul 14 months ago unexpectedly to suicide. I have since lost my business, suffer anxiety and panic attacks as well as nightmares and night terrors. I need help getting closure and regaining my life back.

  8. I want to contact my dad.

  9. id like to have my best friend and my parents contacted. they died. my best friend died1 month ago and my parents 10 yrs ago. i need to know if my best friend forgives me and watches over me and he knows i love him miss him and still need him. he died sudenly . i want to know does my mom and gramma know i still love them and miss them ,

  10. How can I get medium reading?

  11. I lost my father 1990 and my mom 2009.
    I want to know how they are and I want to know what they want to tell me about my nephew who is far from us.

  12. My mom passed away 7 months ago and I need to connect with her desperately. I cannot function, I’m depressed beyond belief and I just need to know that she is ok. I need to know if I did her justice on her funeral and burial. She is on my mind day and night and I just need that closure. I need to know if she suffered when she passed. These are questions that are eating me alive and I need to know the answers. Please help me

  13. jessie sennett02/18/2013 at 7:49 PM

    4 months ago i found my mother dead. i feel like i need to talk to her. say the things i never got to. she was in and out of my life and always felt like she had to make it up to me and my sisters. so please help.

  14. melvina julian12/15/2012 at 8:50 PM

    I recently lost my boyfriend. He died before I got to the hospital. Then on the way to the funeral I had a bad accident, and couldn’t go. I have been trying so hard in every way to make contact with him and ask if he is happy where he is. And ask him does he realize that I love him. But so far I get nothing. Could you please help me to get in touch with him, I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you, Mel His name is Terry Lee Waldrop.

  15. Why am I such a failure ………

  16. I would like to contact someone that I lost very close to me

  17. Hello, I lost the love of my life back in Oct 2011. We were together for 20 years. I miss her so much and feel lost without her. I thank her everyday for the 3 wonderful children we had together. I just need to know if I will get to be with her again when I’am gone? We were supposed to grow old together not be torn apart so early in life!

  18. Connie Snyder09/04/2012 at 5:31 PM

    I lost my husband and soulmate. Please I need to know he is ok. Someone help me so I can move on. He was my everything. His daughter also needs this closure. Thank you.

  19. gillian bowker08/26/2012 at 2:14 AM

    i would like to contact my partner who passed away in april suddenley

  20. i lost my father ayear ago and i am only 13.
    i wouldlike to contact a medium online for free to “talk” to him.
    i was very close to him and it was a very hard loss for everyone who knew him..
    thank you, i look forward to a message.

  21. Ronald Sobjack04/21/2012 at 5:32 AM

    I have a few questions and its a sign for sure. My dad passed away goin on 9 years this Augest 1st. Me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for 8 years and last year it was my dads deceased was 8 years he was gone and on his date we found out my wife was pregnant. On the day of his death and 8 years we been tryin. Now r son is 1 years old my wife is now pregnant again do in july my birthday is July 11th and my daughter will be do around that day. And I went to work one day in detroit to work on a hud home and in the garage I found a street sign hendricks in the cabnet my dad lived on that street. This is gettin pretty crazy and I want to know what my dad is tryin to tell me andnot to mention I haven’t seen my dad in 20 years and I reunited with him and moved in tha house on hendricks. I stayed there for a few months and it ddnt work out and the moved out of tha house and the house my dad moved into for accouple of years he passed away from asofigues cancer. Please tell me what this could mean thanks

  22. Hi, I have recently lost a friend in a bike accident i want to try get in contact with him

  23. I’d like to contact a lover that passed, I am not able to move on from him. He nicknamed himself Greenleaf, and that is practically his real name. Please help, I know I will never move on from him, he was perfect for me.

  24. I would like to speak to my uncle that died before i was born. He was really close to my dad and i feel he is the only one that can give me advice to help my dad. Please help me, I want my real father back not the one that paints himself for others to see. Thanks, Kenzy

  25. Hello! I lost my first love to heart failure three yrs ago. I feel strongly the need to hear from him somehow. I feel that things were left undone/unsaid … very frustrating 🙁

  26. Christina Thompson03/24/2012 at 3:30 PM

    my mom passed away last year. I feel lost

    1. Christopher Tantaro03/24/2012 at 10:20 PM

      Christina I am sorry for you loss. It is never easy losing a love one. The one thing I can tell you is she in a good place. I feel strength in you so stay strong your mother would want that. I know you feel lost now but you will find your way I promise.

  27. I would like to contact my sons father

  28. i want to contact my grandma whom died july 6 2010

  29. i want to contact my sister

  30. wendy davila morales12/14/2011 at 6:32 PM

    I would like to know if my dad is dead or is living no one in my family knows what happened to him its been 4 years his name is Juan Jose Davila Ortega please help!!!thank you

  31. hi there, i want to contact my dad that passed 3 years ago on the first of march 2008 and my son was born on the 1st of march 2008 and ive been having dreams of my dad and my son playing together reading books ect. i have had photos of myself covered in orbs but only when there is a photo of my dad in the backround…PLEASE HELP

  32. i wanna get in touch with my friend tiffany. she passed a year ago

  33. angela beddows08/20/2011 at 4:13 AM

    Are my Nan & Grandad together
    was my Nan happy with her funeral
    was does my nan remember of her last week with us

  34. I want to talk to someone that passed 3mos. ago because I can hear them speaking to me and I have felt them touch me and they have stoped me from some accidents.
    I really have questions to ask them too because I searched for them 8 yrs. and a month before they died I asked someone about them please help! I had a lady that has spirits talk through her set an appointment and then had a family emergency I had to have an appointment a month in advance I can’t get in touch now. thank u I would appreciate it.

  35. i wnt to contact my dad as i miss him very dearly he was my rock x

  36. Missing my mother dearly..has she healed from that sickness.

  37. i would love to contact my dad who i lost in feb and my brother who we lost 18 yrs ago.x

  38. i lost my step brother 2 months ago. i would really like to contact him.

  39. i would like to know who i am and my destiny

  40. i would like to know who i am

  41. Want to contact my sons grandmother

  42. I want to contact my nan and baby cousin

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