Am I Pregnant? Know Before You Are Tested

Am-I-Pregnant-Know-Before-You-Are-Tested-150x150 Am I Pregnant? Know Before You Are TestedBecoming pregnant brings about some very obvious physical changes, but those don’t always show up for the first few months. It’s usually those changes that make it apparent that something is different in your body, and many people question whether they may be sick before they start asking, am I pregnant? Perhaps the changes that come over women when they are with child are more than just physical though, which may explain why there are some gifted folks who can look at them and know that they are pregnant almost immediately. It could be the aura that surrounds them, or simply an innate sense of knowing that comes from another place.

People seek the advice of psychics for any number of reasons, and while some women go to find out if they will ever become a mother, many are also there to ask, am I pregnant? It may be that they simply don’t trust a kit from a pharmacy, or perhaps it has more to do with wanting to hear the news in a more spiritual, peaceful setting. Whatever the case, many women find the peace they need by hearing that their child is comfortable and that all will go well with the pregnancy.

We spoke earlier of the physical changes that come when pregnant, but there is also some proof that there is perhaps something more to the condition that meets the eye. Many expectant mothers never have to ask the, am I pregnant question, and instead simply know that they are. That sense of knowing seems to stay with them through the entire gestation period, with many women claiming to achieve some level of psychic ability during that nine month period. That oftentimes comes in the forms of dreams that are crystal clear, while others have reported seeing apparitions or spirits in some form or another during that period.

On the flipside, women who were blessed with psychic ability from birth often speak of losing their powers while they are with child. It’s almost like a photo negative effect with the images that they see losing clarity during the pregnancy. It’s during that time that many psychics are unable to answer the question of, am I pregnant, and that may because their focus has switched to the life that is inside their body rather than being in touch with the world that is beyond the comprehension of most.

Perhaps the most incredible psychic experience of all when it comes to pregnant women is with those ladies who reported seeing an apparition of a child in stunning detail. It’s not until their own child is born and reaches the age of the child in their vision that they realize that was who they saw all those years ago. There have been numerous reports of such experiences, which further shows that the state of pregnancy seems to alter the body in ways that are physical, mental, and even spiritual.

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