Sylvia Browne – Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Extraordinaire

Sylvia Browne is one of the world’s best-known spiritual advisor. Maximum television exposure, including regular spots on The Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live, have catapulted her to stardom. Most anybody with interest in the world of paranormal is comfortable in their own skin.

Her arena of exposure goes past the television, with her many published books. This best-selling author is the subject of considerable controversy, and has a vast amount of attention, both positive and negative.

Followers of Sylvia Browne do not just see her as a tool to see into the future, but a teacher of spiritual things. Not only does she delve into what is yet to be, she puts considerable effort into explaining her beliefs and how she came to have them.

She has a very open-ended idea of what religion actually is, claiming that true spiritual reward comes from who we are rather than to whom we pray. Believing that feeling love from God is a vital tool for spiritual success, she puts very little emphasis on what branch of religion a person is sprung.

Claiming to know that it is no matter in the outcome of our soul, and our journey to Heaven. She has strong conviction that it is our actions and how we live that determines where we go in the afterlife.

Seeking a reading from one of the most renowned psychics does not come at a small price. Sylvia Brown currently charges $850 for a 20-30 minute phone reading, and more for a reading in person.

Obviously at this rate her services are not realistic for most, however seekers of spiritual answers and clues to unsolved mysteries, will agree that it’s hard to put a price on such things.

In a world where designer handbags and shoes can cost as much, $850 is a nominal fee assuming one gets what they expect. An opportunity to reach into a world outside of our own can be life-changing and comforting.

The paranormal world itself is met with considerable skepticism. Non-believers will come up with reasons to explain-away successful predictions, and put heavy emphasis on inaccuracies.

Believers will do the exact opposite. The bottom line is there will never be a meeting in the middle on these types of things. Where we stand on the paranormal is most likely where we will continue to stand.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and people will change their minds, but in general we either believe or we don’t. Because of the notoriety that Sylvia Browne has earned, she is a major target for skeptics.

If one is to review the predictions that have fallen short, it is best to keep in mind that she has thirty plus years under her belt, and perfection seems unlikely for anyone in any profession.

Regardless of the efforts by many skeptics, her talent has proven to be enough to sustain her presence in the paranormal world. Despite all efforts to disprove her ability, Sylvia Browne continues to grow and maintain her loyal supporters.

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