Tarot Card Meanings – How to Unlock their Hidden Secrets

Tarot is a tradition and practice that goes back to before the Middle Ages. With a rich history, background and symbology it is sometimes confusing even for the most proficient diviner to read into the cards. Each individual tarot card meanings.

Depending on where in the reading it is drawn, you can sometimes have to grasp for the meaning. Yet there are some truths to the cards and what they represent that hold from situation to situation.

Tarot card meanings and misconceptions

First and foremost is the reading itself. A tarot card reading should never be a quest for absolute truth to begin with. The cards are a guide through what is possible in the future, and what you and your family think and believe now.

Tarot card meanings can provide insight into your past, direction and information in the present, and a path and fore thought about your future. It should never be used to force you onto a path, and should be taken in the spirit it should be given in.

Unfortunately there are a few cards that are very often mistaken in intent and meaning; The Lovers, The Fool, and Death, heavy stuff to discuss. On the surface you can say ‘I know what these cards mean.

The lovers mean I will find love or sex, the fool means I am stupid and making bad decisions, the tower means great destruction will happen around me, and death means I’m not long for this world.’ You would be wrong on every count.

Interpreting Tarot Card Meanings

Let us start with The Lovers card. Pictured in traditional decks as a male and female character, usually naked, walking hand in hand through a plush garden, it is easy to see why people call this card about love so often.

What it is really meant to symbolize is relationship. Now that does not mean its can’t be about a lover or spouse, or a potential mate. It just means that it not always is.

More to the point it means a potential joining of forces for mutual benefit. It could mean a new business partner. It could mean a team mate in a sport. The Lovers card signifies and new partnership between people, not always a romantic one.

Significantly, some people who read tarot cards will take the orientation of the card into account, so an upside down Lovers might mean the end of a relationship as well.

The Fool is a fun card to get. Usually depicted as a young man, sometimes dressed as a messenger, sometimes naked, hanging upside down by a single ankle, The Fool is anything but his name sake. The boy always has a great smile on his face, and the way the card is drawn if you look at it upside down, you might think he is just standing on one leg.

In truth this card means a difference in thought process. To explain it, it means that you are going to need to think outside the box for a solution to your tarot question. Maybe you are ignorant of how to solve your problem.

The Fool is telling you to start a path of research. Read and learn about the question. It is telling you that right now, you do not have the means to solve your issue, but you will soon.

Conversely when the card is read upside down, it means you may have the solution, you just haven’t realized it yet. This card does not mean stupidity, it simply means open your eyes to greater possibilities and you will find what you need.

The card marked Death is a vision to see. Full of fear or foreboding people see that and think ‘The Fates are coming for me.’ Not so. The Death card is more indicative of change then of shrugging off this mortal coil.

Change is hard though, your current expectation has to die for change to occur smoothly and that is what the card is telling you to do. Change is hard. Change can be violent, it can be challenging, and it can beneficial.

The only thing all changes have in common, good or bad, is the Death of the old way. The Death card is drawn to make you think of your expectations, and to tell you maybe you shouldn’t fight the coming change.

Not all change is good though, so the drawing the card upside down might be telling you the coming change can and maybe should be resisted. Just remember tarot card meanings are left opened to interpretation.

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    the father of my kids and I are going through some legal issues I’m just curious as to what is going to rule my favor and what is going to go in his favor