Thailand Spirituality – Welcome To The Land Of The Smiles

For centuries Thai society has enjoyed fortune telling and astrology. There is a great history of spirituality and the unknown in the “Land of Smiles.” Now a days you can easily find shops and individuals offering psychic readings for a very reasonable fee. Thailand spirituality is something a particular tourist comes to seek out.

It has been a popular activity among the younger culture as well as tourists which frequent Thailand by the Thousands every month.

Psychics are also known in the Thai Language as Payah-Gon (พยากรณ์) fortune tellers, mediums or Psychics often comb the streets preying on tourists only to offer up some lame, made up reading and charge the tourist an unreasonable fee.
Psychics in Thailand are not always respected because of this methodology. You can easily find Psychics in Thailand around such areas as Kho San Road in Bangkok, Patpong, or Walking Street in Pattaya all the way to Patong Beach in Phuket.
What to do in Thailand? There are  many things to do in Thailand, everything from exploring Buddhist Temples, to enjoying the exotic beaches, to eating some of the spiciest  foods. Thailand has it all  and just about everything else as the Thai people have made huge economic strides as a country providing the Tourist with everything they need and Don’t need?

Wat Pho, which is acknowledged as Thailand’s first university, taught Astrology; King Rama I was a practitioner of astrology and predicted the ‘rerk’, or auspicious date, for the official founding of the city of Bangkok; and Sanam Luang, the public field to the north of the Grand Palace, was chosen by King Rama IV for the Royal ploughing ceremony, celebrated on the most auspicious date each spring as determined by the Royal Astrologer. Even today, in the shade of Sanam Luang’s tamarind trees, Mor Doo continue to practice their craft.

Thailand spirituality uses an Astrological Calendar to look up relevant birth dates, They employ a variety of skills to forecast an individual’s future: astrology, palmistry, card reading (tarot or otherwise), even examining the design of a person’s face (ngo heng) or feet.
Many Thai people visit Mor Doo,  “a doctor who sees” for guidance and advice about love, health, spirituality and business: such as ascertaining the most suitable time for arranging travel plans or getting married.
What to Look for in a psychic? Well that’s hard to say. I believe you will immediately know one if one approaches you as they seem to dress the part.
If the Fortune teller appears too pushy, persuasive or eager to get the money it is probably a scam. If you find a Psychic that takes the time and ask you many questions and lets you get comfortable than quite possibly you have found the real deal?
Thailand Spirituality seems to be every where you turn. Between the temples, monks waiting for the bus, or just the sheer beauty of the country. My advice is to book a ticket to Thailand and see for yourself. You won’t regret it I promise.